Thursday, October 1, 2009

Katie Krause: Dr. Phil Correspondent

As some of you may have seen today on Dr. Phil -- I was named as a new correspondent for the show! Honestly, having been able to be a part of the "Girl World" episode is a dream come true.

I had a few questions in my email in regards to the show & my role on it...

The concept for the show came about from my personal experiences growing up and my hope is that people will hopefully be able to learn by what was shown on the show today. Girl-on-girl bullying is very real, extremely heartbreaking, and it truly needs to stop. Let's all try and be a little bit kinder to one another, ya? Let's empower one another!

Also, I want to thank my pals Lauren & Molly of The Kind Campaign for being a part of this episode and letting me interview them. They are so brave to share their stories and the world is so lucky to have them making a real difference!

In case you missed the episode, here is a link to a quick clip that was shown on today's (October 1st) episode: Katie spends the day with Rebekah

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